School of Physics

Traditional Introductory Physics II
Electricity & Magnetism
PHYS 2212 G

Recitation for PHYS 2212 G

Solutions will be posted at the end of each week
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Dates Topic
Jan 07–10 No Recitation
Jan 14–17 Point Charges
Jan 22–28 Continuous Charge Distributions Tue thru Mon!
Jan 29–31 No Recitation Tue thru Thu!
Feb 04–07 Gauss' Law
Feb 11–14 Electric Potential Energy
Feb 18–21 Electric Potential & Field
Feb 25–28 Capacitors
Mar 04–07 Kirchhoff's Laws
Mar 11–14 No Recitation
Mar 18–21 No Recitation — Spring Break!
Mar 25–28 RC Circuits
Apr 01–04 Magnetic Force
Apr 08–11 Induced emf
Apr 15–18 Inductive Circuits
Apr 22–25 No Recitation