Honors Physics I - 2231

Physics 2231 Lab Policies

Lab sections will be taught by TAs under the supervision of Dr. Eric Murray. All requests for make-up labs must be addressed to him. You may contact him by email, but do not contact him through Canvas messaging. All questions and other requests should be addressed initially to the appropriate TA.
All experimental lab materials are maintained online by the School of Physics. Prior to attending the first lab, students should view the web pages for the appropriate course. Students should read each entry on the 2231 Administrative page. Additionally, before each lab meeting, including the first lab meeting, students should read the material on the Prelab page for the experiment they will be performing.
Labs and Studios Begin
in the week of January 8.
Labs and Studios are Due
at the end of the period! The Due Date in Canvas is just a placeholder. Your TA may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
The Attendance and Make-up Policy must be read and understood, as it will be enforced.
Food and Drink
No eating or drinking is permitted in the lab rooms at any time. A student found eating or drinking in lab will be removed, and their absence classified as unexcused. There will be no warnings (this is your warning).


Persons with implanted electronic medical devices should be aware that magnetic fields exceeding 0.5 mT (5 G) may be present in any of the introductory laboratories at any time.

Concerns should be addressed to the Faculty Member in Charge.